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Gaia's Goodies Optimal Wellness Resources: Interviews, Webinars, Articles and MORE!

You can find webinars on a variety of optimal wellness topics, articles I find helpful and interviews with Optimal Wellness Warriors doing their part to be the change in the world.

Health History Consultation

Click here for an opportunity to look at where you are at on your wellness journey and assess and decide on three action steps to reach your goals before the session is over! 

Level 1: Plant Lifestyle Transformation Mastery for the Optimal Wellness Warrior


A comprehensive course on all of the how's and why's of choosing to thrive in a living foods lifestyle...come see what heart based living for your mindbody, spirit and the Earth is all about in the Red Lotus Lifestyle utilising Gifts from the Ground! 

Level 3: Red Lotus Lifestyle Certification Course: Plant Mastery Health Coach, Educator and Living Foods Chef

Once you have gone through the Healing with Gifts from the Ground Course and decided that living Optimal Wellness Abundance and making a life of passing on your story and knowledge to help others heal, you can decide to embark on the certification course to use your lifestyle story and create a movement! With an online portion on health coaching, teaching and chef skills you will feel confident with the comprehensive business resources to pass on your passion and join the movement to plant strong healing and lifestyle! 

Gaia's Goodies: Living Foods Recipes for the Whole Family eBook

From super simple to a little more complex, Gaia's Goodies Recipe Book has a wide of variety of cuisine to keep eating a rainbow of living foods yummy and fun!

7 Spiritual Laws 7 Day Gentle Detox Meal Plan

A brilliant comprehensive 7 day trial of living foods combined with the practise of one of the 7 spiritual laws of success each day!

Green Lights All the Way- The Law of Attraction in Action Ebook

You've heard about the Law of Attraction and The Secret...but how does one trust in it, harness the abundant magic in the universe and how do we teach our children...Learn about my journey to creating life with the power of Green Lights All the Way and how you can too! Anything is possible! Namaste

21 Day Adding In Quick Start

Want to make sure that you can choose optimal wellness plants and want to dip your toe in the water...try our quickstart and meet yourself where you are, adding in healing practises for just 21 days! 

Add In  Crowd Out  Practise  Thrive!

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